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Now you know more than just the hype about surfing anonymously using a proxy server.  Bear in mind that one of the other uses for proxy servers is to get around local restrictions on the sites to which you are allowed to surf.  For example, surfers in China cannot directly read the New York Times on the web -- the government blocks access.  By going through a proxy server in, say, Brazil, surfers in China can get the real news.  Whether the Chinese know it or not, the New York Times is not going to turn them in for reading the newspaper.  So what the Chinese surfers really want is non-blocking, not anonymity.  Non-blocking non-anonymous proxy servers are typically faster than non-blocking anonymous proxy servers -- because the anonymity crowd is overloading the limited number of non-blocking anonymous proxy servers. 

Non-anonymous proxy servers are listed below the anonymous proxy servers.  You must determine locally whether they are non-blocking for the sites you want to visit. 

"Elite" Proxies

Truly anonymous -- do not disclose your IP address or that you are surfing through a proxy.

IP Address:PortHostLast Tested
Country 02:31:30AR 15:32:18BR 15:16:12BR 14:10:45CA 17:13:23CA 17:18:40CA 14:50:10CA 12:33:50CH 17:15:53CN 15:58:21CN 14:47:29CN 10:11:24CN 16:31:04CN 20:45:59CN 14:09:28CN 11:59:07DE 09:59:13DE 15:48:52DE 01:33:18DE 16:31:50EU 13:12:08EU 10:50:36EU 06:25:00FR 02:11:01FR 16:01:30FR 11:31:17FR 01:29:28GB 15:49:46HK 05:32:43HK 13:00:55IN 02:33:22JP 05:18:25JP 12:16:41JP 11:26:04JP 13:56:36KR 10:10:51KW 17:14:14MO 15:29:56NZ 12:22:31PL 00:53:05RU 14:53:03RU 17:13:23TH 16:26:12US 17:09:06US 13:42:51US 16:32:08US 03:17:43US 16:23:16US 15:33:43US 16:25:06US

Anonymous Proxies

Do not disclose your IP address but do disclose that you are surfing through a proxy.

IP Address:PortHostLast Tested
Country 13:39:06AT 14:12:31AU 15:24:36BR 16:21:24CH 17:07:02CN 04:45:08CR 12:34:15DE 17:00:48DK 17:04:33DK 07:10:29EG 18:26:37EU 16:01:46EU 17:13:07FR 14:08:22GB 11:48:16IN 13:21:40IT 11:10:59JP 11:33:51MY 03:42:40PK 14:51:14PL 07:38:53PL 04:28:21RU 13:04:54US 12:55:30US 12:59:18US

Non-Anonymous Proxies

IP Address:PortHostLast Tested
Country 06:44:39AE 05:21:02AE 14:18:19AR 07:03:31AR 15:16:57AU 18:04:06BG 08:41:55BH 15:56:10BH 16:59:10BH 13:02:47BH 16:00:41BH 07:07:08BH 16:29:28BH 10:47:34BH 13:03:50BH 23:10:07BH 17:00:49BH 05:53:23BH 16:01:12BH 11:16:36BH 07:18:58BH 14:57:25BH 17:02:59BH 13:06:50BH 17:11:06BH 12:01:02BH 07:10:55BH 13:06:35BH 16:08:28BH 10:22:13BH 17:03:41BH 16:39:21BH 07:04:56BH 11:31:37BH 01:31:12BH 07:53:10BH 04:35:44BH 14:07:28BH 06:35:38BH 05:58:24BH 06:40:53BH 11:31:26BH 06:10:41BH 06:39:53BH 14:11:24BH 14:42:53BH 18:26:09BH 07:32:56BH 06:35:06BH 03:17:04BH 14:47:04BH 11:45:47BH 16:34:32BH 07:42:55BH 07:52:23BH 07:04:01BH 11:29:27BH 07:45:38BH 15:21:28BH 13:09:49BH 11:32:28BH 00:51:21BH 11:52:55BH 12:28:35BH 11:28:54BH 17:10:54BH 07:40:52BH 03:36:22BH 14:47:46BH 14:59:34BH 15:53:56BH 15:32:13BH 13:09:10BH 06:03:13BH 14:48:29BH 14:45:11BH 17:11:01BH 22:20:21BH 03:47:33BH 08:19:40BH 17:01:59BH 06:59:08BH 11:29:56BH 00:13:12BH 04:28:20BH 08:41:23BH 17:05:05BH 10:15:12BH 11:29:14BH 00:54:24BH 08:08:43BH 08:18:41BH 14:53:01BH 10:08:17BH 07:45:39BH 12:35:24BH 07:43:55BH 15:55:47BH 16:31:54BH 07:48:24BH 08:15:25BH 10:14:43BH 07:49:53BH 13:09:17BR 14:17:31BR 16:27:23BR 19:24:29BR 11:28:37BR 08:14:03BR 04:21:22BR 10:37:21BR 16:58:33BR 15:56:05BR 15:26:37BR 07:56:12CA 07:21:33CA 02:35:44CA 22:29:22CA 02:44:26CH 21:07:47CL 17:07:26CN 14:23:05CN 14:44:26CN 15:18:14CN 17:10:56CN 11:44:43CN 14:22:51CN 04:08:09CN 16:35:31CN 10:34:05CN 15:14:40CN 12:51:51CN 11:55:27CN 23:44:23CN 05:15:43CN 16:29:20CN 10:00:23CN 16:32:07CN 16:04:55CN 14:14:48CN 17:05:01CN 03:53:50CN 14:58:09CN 04:54:52CN 01:51:21CN 02:08:26CN 15:31:13CN 10:39:43CS 11:26:44CZ 17:07:38DE 03:50:52DE 02:32:49DE 14:06:54DE 15:29:51DE 22:02:12DK 14:48:28EC 17:00:59EC 16:54:03FR 08:13:11FR 17:15:54FR 13:12:20FR 12:32:26FR 16:58:16FR 11:08:29FR 04:57:22FR 06:33:07FR 14:42:26GB 04:53:50GB 15:24:29GB 04:17:27GB 15:24:29GB 11:58:41GB 12:28:36HU
07-07 17:11:04IT 21:22:12IT
07-07 16:37:00IT 05:49:17JP 11:13:32JP 04:11:43JP 03:04:41JP 02:57:00JP 15:24:27JP 03:43:23JP 12:32:07JP 14:20:46JP 10:39:17JP 14:48:43JP 16:00:38JP 15:56:30JP 16:03:48JP 13:02:50JP 14:20:18JP 03:45:07JP 17:05:48JP 14:21:32JP 17:05:25JP 07:16:05JP 14:38:10JP 07:43:36JP 01:21:24JP 01:17:22JP 04:14:45JP 00:57:22LV 12:00:17NL 03:04:39NO 11:25:16NO 12:27:24PH 16:05:52PK 16:34:59PK 02:30:38PL 23:35:03PL 19:33:39PL 12:04:41PL 13:23:51PL 14:19:42PL 12:29:37PL 04:52:42PT 16:03:05RO 16:28:27RO 07:54:45RO 16:30:56RU 16:38:53RU 17:15:23RU 12:23:38RU 20:39:18TH 13:35:49TH 15:51:22TH 14:22:47TH 15:59:30TH 16:26:07TH 16:36:39TH 15:59:12TH 15:16:28TH 16:33:20TH 10:46:38TH 16:03:10TH 16:53:08TH 14:19:49TH 16:34:52TH 16:23:38TH 14:52:37TH 11:24:35TH 02:39:39TR 20:07:30TW 05:00:23TW 08:22:40TW 04:50:27TW 15:00:04VN 14:50:23VN 15:57:46VN

List updated 2008-07-07 17:28:29 (UTC)

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